About me

My name is Mattias Andersson. 

I am just a humble guide from the Scandinavian. The last 20 years I have been in the wonderful and amusing world of guiding. It is a joy wrapped up as an enigma and sprinkled with magic dust and some headache.  I truly love this business and feel happy I have been able to turn my passion of adventure into a job as a freelance guide. 

I think drive for knowledge and a curious view is the foundation for a good guide. Add to that a bit of personality and the ability of thinking quickly and being a great problem solver. 

 The book Black Belt For Tour Guides is 172 pages of advice and stories that is a reflection of the past and a hope for the future. I hope it will make you reflect and laugh. It can be used as a little education booklet and fits both novice guides as well as those of you that have been in the business too long. A great gift for friends and those wondering what this guiding is all about. 

Cost is 20 EURO and shipping. About the price of a bad gyro and a couple of cold ones. 

I would love to hear your views and thoughts and I am also very happy to answer questions and guide you in the world of traveling. 


Mattias Andersson + 46 702848539 mattias@framgangsforetaget.se 

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