Black Belt for Tour Guides

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Black Belt For Tour Guides is an educational and hopefully funny and reflective book in the world of guiding and traveling. It suits the novice freelance guide as well as those of you that have been around since beginning of time. 

The writing gives you inside views and advice. This pamphlet is the result of notes scrabbled on the backside of napkins and years as a guide. These lyrics should me mandatory and womandatory for everyone in business. 

Great gift for family members and all of those people that think Guides are on a life long holiday. Also works well as a give-away instead of a bottle of wine or a bouquet of useless flowers. 

172 pages with photos. It is a mix of stories and inside views in the world of group traveling. 

The book is almost free of charge at 20 EURO and shipping. Same price as a tired gyro and a couple of cold ones.